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General Description:

Gimnasio Inglés is located in Armenia, Quindío in the central part of Colombia. The climate is always moderate with the temperature averaging 20 degrees C or 75 degrees F.

Armenia, Colombia

Armenia is the capital of the Quindío Department in Colombia with a population of 320,000 (last data available 2004) . Located at coordinates: 4.5170° north, 75.6830° west, 290 kilometers west of Colombia's capital Bogotá, 1480 meters over sea level. covering aprox. 121 km². Mid-size city located between the 3 largest Colombian cities Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. Telephone area code 096. Temperature 18ºC- 22ºC

Armenia was founded in october 14 1889 by Jesús Maria Ocampo A.K.A “Tigrero” (tiger killer, because his affection to the hunting of “Tigers”, as they called the local jaguar, extinct today.

The city was founded because of the need of a “fonda”, or trade center, which was built in the location where the Bolívar square is today, not only for Tigrero, but also other colonists who came from Salento, Antioquia, Manizales and areas surround the Quindío river and the La Vieja River (River of the old lady).....

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Flag of Armenia



Department of Quindío

Quindío is a department of Colombia. It is in the western central region of the country. Its capital is Armenia. Its famous by the quality of the coffee plantations, and touristic landmarks.
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Quindío offers a variety of activities such as extreme sports, camping, ecological tours, and other amazing adventures that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.The vast array of beautiful landscapes, recreational activities, and rich culture makes this an ideal place to live and work. International travelers may also find prices very attractive.Our beautiful intact small colonial towns are as close as 20 minutes away from Armenia. There is a new airport just 20 minutes away from downtown, plus big cities to visit such as Pereira (30 minutes away, 30 miles north), Cali (2 and a half hours away, 200 miles south) and Medellin (6 hours away, 350 miles north).
The wonderful people of Colombia are about 39,685,000 outstanding citizens who love our country.

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Colombia is located in northwestern South America, with coasts on the Atlantic (Caribbean Sea) and the Pacific oceans, and with the Amazon River at the south. The area encompasses 439,737 square miles (1,138,914 square kilometers).

It offers a unique combination of magnificent scenery, rural tranquility and plenty of good social and cultural events to enjoy.


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