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GI School is accredited (K3-12) by the Colombian National Ministry of Education according to Approval Resolution 00207 issued on September 26, 2001.

ISO 9001:2008

GI School was certificated since 2008 in "Design and Providing "Non-Formal" Education in the level of Kínder 2 and "Fomal" Education K3-12"(1).


GI School (Gimnasio Inglés before) was first accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in 2003, and, following a recent evaluation of the teachers, administrators, employees, students, members of the board of directors, was re-accredited for 5 years in 2006. SACS has accredited nearly 12 thousand public schools and private institutions (serving more than 15 million students) world-wide.Gimnasio Inglés is one of only 9 SACS-accredited schools in Colombia. Accreditation by SACS demonstrates the school’s commitment to providing quality educational programs and to a continuous improvement process. As required for continued affiliation with SACS, Gimnasio Inglés continues to demonstrate achievement of its institutional goals through an annual report, midterm visits and periodic evaluations. Gimnasio Inglés students are assured of graduating from a school that fulfills high quality standards, as evidenced by a Colombian secondary diploma and a US high school diploma, which provides graduates with a wider range of options for university education.


ACCAS - Association of American Schools of the Caribbean and Colombia

As a member of the Association of American Schools of the Caribbean and Colombia (ACCAS), an organization of schools accredited by SACS, along with the Association of American Schools of Mexico and the Association of American Schools of Central America, Gimnasio Inglés can provide teachers with access to the latest information about advances in education and high quality professional development opportunities.


(1) English Version for "Diseño y prestación del servicio de educación no formal en el nivel de párvulos y formal bilingüe en los niveles de preescolar, básica primaria, básica secundaria y media académica hasta el grado 12".