Welcome to GI SCHOOL

WELCOME TO GI SCHOOL (Gimnasio Inglés before)

We are pleased to welcome you to the Gimnasio Inglés


GI is proud to educate over 600 students, who come to us at three years of age and often stay until high school graduation because of our outstanding academic programs as well as the commitment to their social and emotional development.

Offering excellent educational programs drawn from the best international curriculum and standards, GI strives to inspire each and every student with knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to become a responsible contributor to the global community.

Welcome to GI SCHOOL


Km. 3 Vía Circasia

PBX: 7495111 / Cel: 316-5293219

Cel: 316-8760415


Fax: 7498446
Apartado Aéreo 664 Armenia – Quindío
E-mail: jurazan@gi.edu.co /
E-mail: comunicaciones@gi.edu.co


User: gischool1

Tel.: + 57 6 741 5111

Nuestro fax alterno es el correo
fax@gi.edu.co (escanee sus documentos y envíelos).
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